About us

Meines Holla & Partners is a consultancy firm for strategic communication specifically focused on governmental and public affairs. Both in The Netherlands and Germany, we work for international and domestic clients in the private and public sectors. We operate in areas where political decision-making impedes corporate objectives. We always do this in a transparent, targeted, insightful and creative way. Meines Holla & Partners employs consultant teams that convert the issues of the clients into concrete strategies and actions in order to achieve the agreed objectives.

We operate in areas where political decision-making impedes corporate objectives.

Transparent representation of interests

The activities of Meines Holla & Partners are always based on transparency, integrity and results. If we are in contact with third parties, we always tell the parties involved who we are, who our client is, and what interests we represent.


Leading in governmental and public affairs

Meines Holla & Partners has been active since 1994 and is considered leading in governmental and public affairs. Our Dutch office is located in the political heart of The Hague, in the direct vicinity of the Ministries, the Upper and Lower Houses of Parliament and the Cabinet: precisely where Dutch national policy, legislation and regulations are shaped.


Domestic and international

We work for both domestic and international organisations. After all, foreign companies may also have to deal with Dutch politics or legislation and regulations. For international organisations, it is even more important to have a local partner who knows all political ins and outs and is able to respond quickly on their behalf. Meines Holla & Partners will be happy to be just such a partner for you.


Expert in representing your interests, also in Germany

Germany is the main trade partner of The Netherlands. This is why we see a great need of organisations to have their interests represented in Germany. Thanks to many years of experience, Meines Holla & Partners has more knowledge of and insight into Germany and German politics than any other Dutch governmental and public affairs firm. We are happy to help you set out an effective Germany strategy.


Short lines to politics

We are close to the political heart in more than just physical terms. Within and outside our extensive network, we have frequent contact with politicians, government members, civil servants, diplomats, scientific institutions and the media. This enables us to quickly contact the right people in the area of representing your interests.


Active in both the private and public sector

Meines Holla & Partners is active in many business sectors, but also serves municipal and provincial authorities. Please find more information here.