Corina Holla

Managing Partner

Corina started with Meines Holla & Partners in 2005. Her extensive experience in the private sector is a crucial asset to the firm. She was also active in the political field for many years. Her business experience and personal political interests are a valuable combination, allowing her to serve as a personal sounding board for her clients. Since 2010, Corina has been owner of Meines Holla & Partners. She is also the chairwoman of VNO-NCW in the The Hague region.

Examples of activities

Public affairs & strategic communication

Corina serves a wide range of clients, including clients in the financial sector,  healthcare sector, infrastructure, mobility and telecommunication.

Private sector

Within the financial sector, Corina is concerned with the interests of foreign investors in the Netherlands, such as private equity organisations, hedge funds and investment banks. Corina also represents the interests of major healthcare providers if foreign government measures affect the Dutch operations.


At government level, Corina represents the interests of various municipal authorities in the area of social and physical domains and re-zoning issues.