Simone Vogel

Junior Consultant

Simone Vogel has been working as a junior consultant at Meines Holla & Partners since February 2020. In this position, she supports consultants for clients from various sectors by monitoring politics and media. Other activities include setting up notes and attending procedural meetings and debates in the House of Representatives.


Simone studied political science at the University of Amsterdam, followed by a master’s degree in Middle East studies, for which she spent time in Iraq and Oman. She then worked as an intern at the Clingendael Institute, the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs and at the United Nations New York office. In June 2019 Simone also completed her master’s degree in Public Administration at Leiden University, with a focus on international and European collaborations. In addition, she participated in a summer school in St. Petersburg, took part in the Leiden Leadership Programme and coordinated a volunteer project in Bosnia-Herzegovina.