Meines Holla & Partners is fully operational
The measures taken to control the coronavirus do not affect the operational capacity of the entire Meines Holla & Partners team. Everyone is fully active. And reachable. At home or – at a reasonable distance from each other – at the office.

It goes without saying that we adapt our activities to the changing circumstances. All the relationships we maintain on behalf of our clients function entirely, despite the fact that not everyone is located where they usually are.

Meines Holla & Partners is a public affairs agency. Our activities are always related to politics. Our expertise lies in dealing with politics. And, in the current corona crisis, all decision-making is political.

Governmental Affairs & Strategic Communication

Do you need to consult with the government, political players or other organisations, but you do not know the right inroads or you do not have the right contacts? Do you need to have your interest put on the political agenda, but you do not have sufficient expertise or opportunity to get it done? Do you need support in creating and implementing the right strategy to influence government policy?
If so, we are pleased to be your partner.

Political Intelligence & Monitoring

A supurb information position is crucial for the strategy of your organisation. Being aware of the latest developments in both politics and media is key to this. The intelligence department of Meines Holla & Partners makes sure that you know exactly what is going on, enabling you to respond at the right time.

Representation in Germany

Germany is the main trade partner of The Netherlands. This is why we see a great need of organisations to have their interests represented in Germany. Thanks to many years of experience, Meines Holla & Partners has more knowledge of and insight into Germany and German politics than any other Dutch Governmental Affairs. We are happy to help you set out an effective Germany strategy.

Strategic moves since 1994

We have been representing the interests of our clients for over 25 years. Our services are a fundamental part of our clients’ business operations. We work as an embedded partner and a trusted counsel. Our Dutch office is located in The Hague, in the direct vicinity of the Ministries, the Upper and Lower Houses of Parliament and the Cabinet: precisely where Dutch national policy, legislation and regulations are shaped.

How we work

Since 1994, Meines Holla & Partners has been active in both The Netherlands and Germany for domestic as well as international clients in the private and public sectors in areas where political decision-making impedes corporate objectives.