Governmental Affairs & Strategic Communication

Decisions of European, national and local government bodies, special interest groups, media and the public have an impact on your organisation. Not just on your objectives – also on your reputation. You will want to be able to influence this. Together with you, we will ensure an organised, long-term, systematic interaction with both political and social parties. This enables you to be aware of developments impacting your organisation and to decide on a strategic response at an early stage.

A PA process can offer a solution to your organisation in various situations.

A PA process can offer a solution to your organisation in various situations. For example if your organisation’s continuity is impeded by existing legislation, or if regulations are about to be amended with changes that would obstruct your organisation. In such cases, you can rely on Meines Holla & Partners to represent your interests. Our experienced consultants will connect you to the right political contacts in The Hague at the right time.

Our approach


It all starts with an analysis of the issue. What exactly is the problem? Which creative solutions can we come up with? Who are the key stakeholders, and most importantly: what are their underlying interests? What is the administrative and political playing field?
Based on the intake interview, Meines Holla & Partners makes an assessment for you, identifying the scope, effort and resources required to achieve the objectives discussed with you. You will receive a clear outline of the way we can represent your interests together with you.


Determining the strategy

Based on the analysis, the client’s request is translated into a viable strategy with clear follow-up steps. In order to represent these interests as effectively as possible, a customised and targeted strategy towards the government, politics and society is essential. Meines Holla & Partners helps you determine which strategy to implement. Naturally, we subsequently perform frequent checks to see if this strategy needs updating, for example if the political course is changing or social developments occur. In parallel, the first actions are already implemented.



The strategy has been determined; now it is time for action! The exact actions depend on the individual situation of the client and the stage of the decision-making process. We help you in the execution and give advice both upon request and on our own initiative, we assess opportunities and threats, we make proposals for new or adjusted actions, and we keep a close eye on the timing. We always monitor the political and social situation based on Political Intelligence & Monitoring. We monitor the parliamentary debates, government publications, parliamentary papers, budgets, political plans and news articles for you on a daily basis. This way, we are always aware of what is going on, enabling youto adequately anticipate and respond to developments.

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