Political analysis for Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

Analysing the political situation is extremely important for your organization when dealing with a merger or acquisition. The political dimension is frequently overlooked in this type of decision-making processes. Financial and legal aspects generally dominate the agenda, while political decision-making can have a major impact on the corporate objectives.

Political decision-making can have a major impact on corporate objectives.

What exactly is this political dimension? Which administrative and political developments will have a major impact in the coming years? What are the beliefs of key politicians? Which legislation and regulations will influence the company’s growth? How will regulation develop in your sector? Meines Holla & Partners helps you answer such questions by preparing a political analysis.


Support regarding mergers and acquisitions

Meines Holla & Partners supports you by preparing a political analysis of your investment or strategic decision. Our approach can be summarised as follows:


Defining the area requiring research with you


Identifying the short-term political and administrative risks


Analysing current political and administrative developments and regulations, and advising accordingly


Conducting a competition and/or stakeholder analysis


Preparing and implementing an action agenda with you

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