Daan Brinkman

Senior Consultant

Daan Brinkman joined Meines Holla & Partners in 2017. He is involved in lobbying and public affairs processes for various clients in the private and public sectors. His work in this area involves analysing political developments, preparing public affairs plans and assisting clients in their contacts with politicians and public servants in The Hague.

He is currently involved in engagements for organisations that are active in shipping, energy, medical technology, data, gambling and education.

Examples of activities

Medical political developments

For an international manufacturer of medical technology, Daan closely monitors the political developments in this field in the Netherlands, providing advice regarding the steps to be taken and interacting with the political policy makers.


Daan is part of the team providing strategic advice to a player in the energy sector on a range of political and social issues.


Previously, Daan worked as a communication advisor with the PO-Raad, the sector organisation for primary education, where he was involved in the organisation’s public affairs activities for two and a half years. He holds master’s degrees in Political Communication (University of Amsterdam) and Media & Communication (University of Twente).