Thomas Boom


Thomas has been with Meines Holla & Partners since 2007. His main focus is on German clients who have to deal with Dutch politics, as well as Dutch companies with business interests in Germany. In addition to this, Thomas’ expertise is also highly valued by our Dutch clients with interests in the Netherlands concerning rail transport and energy policy. 

Both German and Dutch culture are anchored in Thomas’ life. Thomas was born and raised in the German-Dutch border region; his mother is Dutch and his father German. He studied German-Dutch studies at the universities of Münster and Nijmegen, majoring in political science. 

Next to his main tasks for Meines Holla & Partners, Thomas organizes an intensive exchange program for German and Dutch journalists commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Thanks to this program, already over 300 journalists have been provided with the opportunity to live and work in each other’s country for two months.  

Examples of activities

German-Dutch Relations

Thomas represents the interests of Dutch companies and organizations to German politics, and does the same for German companies and organizations in the Netherlands. 

National themes

Thomas also advises various Dutch governments, provinces and municipalities, with regard to the realization of infrastructure projects. 

Energy and rail transport

Thomas represents the interests of various German and Dutch energy companies in the Netherlands and Germany and closely follows Dutch and German energy policy.